For millenia, the Gene of Isis has been passed from mother to daughter...

Ashlee Devere, 19th century clairvoyant, adventurer and historian is called upon by the Sangreal Knighthood to authenticate a Sumerian text taken from an archaeological dig. This text predates the Old Testament ... and the Genesis story it tells is radically different from any other.

Tamar, daughter of the renowned 21st century linguist, Mia Montrose, is going through a crisis. While reading Ashlee’s diaries for the first time Tamar is contacted by a powerful goddess — and endures an astoundingly rapid transformation of her psychic abilities and physical appearance.

Kali is one of the keepers of the lost key to the gateway between our world and the next and is coming to clear a pathway to Tamar’s destiny ...

From the pyramids of ancient Egypt to the Halls of Amenti, from myth to science, from the dawn of time to the near future, there are those who will do anything to protect the secrets of the gods.
The Dragon Queens

The Dragon Queens

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