Turn Left At The Daffodils

Turn Left At The Daffodils by Elizabeth Elgin
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234 x 155mm

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Set during World War 2, Turn Left at the Daffodils tells two love stories, those of Nan and Carrie.

Nan meets Charles, a gauche, young airman at a dance. Despite his stammer and inability to dance, Nan is captivated and takes him under her wing. When Nan learns that Charles is from the landed gentry, she refuses his offer of marriage fearing that their difference in social status will ruin their chances of happiness. But it is the war itself which seems to end any hope for them when Charles is reported missing in action, believed killed, in the skies over Germany.

Meanwhile, Carrie starts a passionate affair following a chance encounter with Todd Coverdale on a railway platform in Lincoln. When Carrie finds herself, alone and pregnant after Todd disappears without explanation, her own option is to leave the ATS and move to Daffy Cottage, the home Todd inherited from his Aunt.

Will either woman find happiness after being left alone at a time of war, loneliness and difficult decisions?
Publication Date:
24 / 01 / 2007
234 x 155mm

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