Two Little Boys

Two Little Boys by Duncan Sarkies

By: Duncan Sarkies

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Toby and Nigel are two young southern blokes who are best mates and have known each other all their lives - a coupla Kiwi jokers. They drink vast amounts of beer, drive old bombs, hoon around the place and pick up a lot of young women. They also share a room, to save money. They're so close that when Nige brings a girl home from the pub, Toby waits out in the lounge for them to finish then makes them both tea. Then one day Nige meets a bloke called Gavin and becomes mates with him. To his horror, Toby reacts like a distressed but very confused lover. Eventually he thinks he might murder Gav, but can he pull it off? Then a murder does take place, and there's the problem of what to with the body. The beach? The rocks? The cliff? The novel ends on the clifftop on a wild southern night, bodies falling everywhere. Classic stuff.
Publication Date:
03 / 03 / 2008

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