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    Unofficial And Deniable

    By: John Gordon Davis

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    When their paths first crossed on a battlefield in Angola, Josephine Valentine was an American war correspondent and anti-Apartheid activist and Jack Harker was a South African army officer. When they met again years later Josephine didn't recognise Jack in his new role as a New York publisher, and when they fell in love she had no idea that his job was a front for his undercover work for Military Intelligence in South Africa's on-going war against Communism.

    By the time the historic 1994 elections had brought in the New South Africa, however, Jack had ended his military service and was enjoying a new life with Josephine - until his world was thrown into disarray by the creation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the questions it forced him to face. Should he seek amnesty by confessing to crimes committed in the service of his country? If he did not, would others betray him? There were a lot of powerful people who would do anything to keep him quiet. Worst of all, would Josephine ever forgive him if she discovered the truth about his past?

    As the countdown to the amnesty deadline ticked away Jack decided to disappear with Josephine on a round-the-world sailing trip. A month later, Josephine was missing and Jack was in a Florida courtroom, standing trial for what they were calling the perfect murder . . .

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