Afraid of the Dark

Afraid of the Dark by James Grippando
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230 x 153mm
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Then: Sergeant Vince Paulo held his best friend Chuck Mays's daughter, McKenna, bleeding in his arms as she uttered the name of her murderer and ex-boyfriend: Jamal. That was right before Vince faced a blast at the crime scene that made everything go black -- forever.
Now: Miami criminal defense lawyer, Jack Swyteck, is defending Jamal as he faces the death penalty for terrorist activity. Despite urgent warnings from Jack's fiancé, undercover FBI agent, Andie Henning, to stay away from the case, Jack finds himself inextricably drawn to Jamal's past -- eager to believe his alibi that he was abducted and held captive in Prague at the time of McKenna's death. But, if Jamal is innocent, then the man who murdered McKenna and took Vince's vision is still out there ... a free man.
When ghosts from the past begin to reappear very much alive, the death toll starts rising, and ominous notes and phone calls start trickling in from someone who only identifies himself as "The Dark", Vince, Jack, and Chuck realize that they are facing a deadly danger that goes beyond McKenna's death, crossing international waters. Embarking on a journey to piece together the past, the men are led through the back alleys of London, onto illegal internet sites, and straight into the twisted mind of pure evil.
'Afraid of the Dark' will keep readers guessing -- with the lights on -- until the shocking end.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2011
230 x 153mm

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