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    Simple Genius


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    The new Baldacci reintroduces the main characters from 'Split Second' and 'Hour Game' – the novel that took Baldacci to another level.

    Sean King and Michelle Maxwell both bear the scars of their previous case. Michelle's in a psychiatric hospital after making a suicide attempt while Sean, down on his luck and desperately worried about his friend, accepts a PI job at Babbage Town – a hugely secret establishment where, it seems, corpses turn up more quickly than new codes can be encrypted by the genius mathematicians who are employed in the place...

    With both the FBI and CIA making their presence felt in Babbage Town, Sean begins to wonder what really goes on there, while Michelle's psychiatrist determines the key to her deep depression lies in events suppressed during her childhood. Michelle uncovers something truly disturbing happening in the hospital pharmacy... But there is a place even more sinister close by: Camp Peary, where it is said CIA death squads train...







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